Machine Shop

Machine Shop is the management company, business arm and branding agency owned by Linkin Park, a two-time Grammy-award winning rock band with sales of over 50 million records worldwide.

The evolving interests of Linkin Park members have led to numerous partnerships in art, film, music, fashion and technology. Machine Shop has expanded into the start-up and technology space working with partners from Silicon Valley to Tokyo, and helping them build a bridge to the entertainment industry. The company provides a comprehensive range of marketing services including: branding and identity, direct, digital, promotion, relationship, and influencer marketing.

Linkin Park has one of the strongest worldwide fan followings, exhibited by their 63+ million Facebook fans, the highest of any band in the world, in addition to 5.2 million YouTube subscribers and over 2 Billion views, and 7.3 Million friends on Japanese messaging app LINE. Beyond their online presence, Linkin Park is one of the most commercially viable bands in existence, with the most albums sold by a band this century and the most top 10 singles on the Alternative chart of any artist since 2000.